My name is Stella, and I am currently a member of the investment team at Acumen. We invest in companies that tackle problems of poverty around the world, and I joined our U.S. portfolio to find health, workforce development (e.g., education, HR/people ops, future of work, etc), and financial service innovations that serve low-income Americans.

Outside of my work, I am a wannabe boxer / ballet dancer, help serve Vietnamese food with Rice Paper Scissors (and meet my community), occasionally prototype new ideas for fun, hold classes as a way to learn new things (making machines think for you, making art with code, developing creative incentive systems and giving untraditional assets value), climb in new places, and run to explore my city, San Francisco.


Code is poetry, design is order.
I’m equal parts right and left brained, and love tinkering and building.

An empathy bias
I work with people in mind, and love learning about how people work, play, and interact.

Data + resilient cities, systems, companies
I’m interested in how people analyze, design, and execute on schemas to organize the world around them – whether that is designing a city, creating information architecture, or building and organizing companies. I’d like to know how we can build better and more resilient systems through data, understanding of human factors, and foresight.


@stella. LinkedIn.