Finding hope in the next frontier

Today, everyone’s favorite billionaire bro genius slash Internet cult leader pushed the bounds of possibility and our imagination, and launched the world’s most powerful rocket into space.

As I sit here and drillĀ these images into my memory, I think of a conversation I had with a remarkable entrepreneur looking to refuel satellites. He had this insatiable desire to tackle the next frontier, grounded in a vision that exploring space would be such a grand endeavor that it’d unite humanity. I was also struck by his vision of the near-term impact: “What if this could be the next industrial revolution? What if we could bridge developing economies to the next revolution by helping them invest in systems and infrastructure to manufacture these large scale projects?” I immediately thought of the new opportunity for skilled work in the United States.

Refueling satellites. Big idea. Creating more harmonious, symbiotic systems. Bigger idea. Sure, there are several ways you could find fallacy in that line of thought, but it’s not every day Elon sends a Tesla to space. Let’s suspend judgement for a second, ponder the possibilities, and dream big.

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