Not too long ago, I kept a blog, and like many self-centered teenagers, wrote a lot about nothing. Thankfully for my self-esteem, a few friends and my mother humored me. Despite how much I loved writing, I did it sparingly when I stopped publicly airing my self-pity (ha, please continue to humor me).

I recently re-discovered the magic of writing. Some days, it’s a form of meditation. Other days, it’s to get things down and out of my brain. In the best way, it’s my tool to think out loud, to process my jumbled thoughts about our increasingly complex, confusing world, and my role in it as global citizen.

A few questions I’m tracking via this blog (among others):

  • What does an inclusive world look like, and what do we design to get there?
  • How will frontier technology affect historically disenfranchised communities? How could frontier technologies empower these same communities?
  • What does it mean to be a leader?
  • What are examples of extraordinary, moral leadership?
  • How can I improve my decision making as an investor?
  • How can I listen better? How can I ask better questions?

Things you might expect to see here:

  • Notes from a book I’m reading
  • Articles, podcasts, or other media that I’ve enjoyed or found particularly powerful
  • An occasional playlist (the only thing I’m really good at)

Interested in getting in touch? Find me on twitter: @stella.